DIY Beeswax Tealight Candles

This morning I did some housework and realized I had a TON of the little tins that my bulk tealight candles come in. I've been meaning to make the switch to greener options to paraffin tealights for a while now, but beeswax ones are impossible to find and soy/plant wax tealights are hideously expensive here. … Continue reading DIY Beeswax Tealight Candles



Taking a small break from updating until 13 July due to vacation! This entire week we've been cleaning and preparing for our yearly US trip. As such I don't have time to be updating. I did schedule several posts but they don't seem to be posting so I'll double check that and get them up! … Continue reading Hiatus!

Dutch Courses

Sorry if I don't post too much on social media for the next three months, but I'm currently in Dutch courses and between studying, working, and housework I won't be online as much as I used to be. Thanks for understanding! Follow us here on WordPress or on Facebook for more food and homesteading goodness! … Continue reading Dutch Courses