#ExpatLife: What It’s Like Living In Belgium

I've been living in Belgium for a good four years now, and I still get asked what it's like by locals and travelers alike. Assumptions get made (as they will!) and things are discussed to death. XD Living the lifestyle I do can and does shock a lot of people I meet. And doing it … Continue reading #ExpatLife: What It’s Like Living In Belgium


Dispatch: Leven Zonder Afval

With the new house almost being finished (roof is already on and the projected finish date is early August!) I've been reevaluating our lifestyle here on the Hippie Homestead. Years ago I was committed to the "living without waste" lifestyle, but when I got pregnant with Honeybee that fell to the wayside due to how … Continue reading Dispatch: Leven Zonder Afval

Cleaning Day

I've finally gotten around to cleaning up the house now that everything is unpacked. Usually when we unpack, things lay around the house for days until I get around to putting them away. In an effort to avoid this despite having a baby around, I've been getting off the couch and actually cleaning up while … Continue reading Cleaning Day


We finally made it home after a week-long delay!┬áBaby is doing great and the whole family is so much more relaxed and happy after our visit to Texas. My mom and I finally got Honeybee established in a routine and he's much better now that he's recovered and adjusted to everything. He got spoiled rotten … Continue reading Home!