Dispatch: 25 Weeks and Harvest

This week marks 25 weeks, which leaves us three months until our Honeybee joins the world! The nursery is being put together and everything is progressing normally. Our next appointment is Monday.

Recently we returned home and we’re pulling in weekly harvests of cucumbers from the garden. This month begins the wheat harvest in our area, which means lots of lovely baked goods are being made in our house. Honey oat bread, thumbprint cookies, and other delicious treat are going to crop up in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that! I love to bake so it’s my favorite time of year. Chickens are molting which means egg production is pretty low. I usually supplement their feed with high protein treats to get those feathers in quicker. They’re also due for their anti-parasite dusting, which Honeybear and I will get done when the molt is over and their wings are ready to be clipped.

The apartment is slowly coming back to rights and the nursery will be done by next month (if Honeybear and his dad have anything to say about it) which means we get some of our storage space back from the encroaching baby clothing and gear! Since we’re pretty minimalist and the nursery is frankly huge, there should be no issues getting all of Honeybee’s things put away. I just got his crib bedding in and I AM IN LOVE with it! I’ll be doing a nursery tour when everything is all set up and put away. 🙂

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