Dispatch: 16 Weeks + Planting Days

So Honeybee’s 16 week appointment went great! NIPT came back all normal, and Honeybee is a boy! We’re both so happy, and today I felt him kicking for the first time. He’s very active and looks to be healthy. It’s a big load off my mind, and it comes with the bonus of now being able to shop for him.

Today was also a mini harvest day. Strawberries are coming in and I got to eat the very first ripened strawberry right off the plant. I also trimmed back the leaves of the lettuce so they come back later, extending the harvest period of the plants. Cucumbers and peppers are getting planted in the field, as is the other main crops. The last of it all should come in for harvest by November.

23 June marks the beginning of our three week Texas trip. It’s a chance to get some things I can’t find easily here, and I get to see my family. We’ll probably have a big shower for Honeybee when we get there, which means the whole family will be stopping by. The three weeks of our trip means a hiatus from the blogs, but we’ll be back at it when we get back 13 July.

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