Baby Update and Homesteading News: 14 WEEKS

Went in yesterday for my ultrasound and to get blood drawn for my NIPT! It’s so exciting to see our Honeybee on that screen looking like a proper baby. Honeybear (AKA the husband) was a little anxious to take a look at the feet but everything looked perfect: ten fingers and toes, all the limbs, two eyes and ears, and a visually normal neural fold. We also requested to learn the sex of the baby so when the NIPT results are received we’ll finally know what Honeybee is going to be!

All my cloth stuff is nearly bought. I put a few Osocozy prefolds on the registry (in case I hate the inserts I got) as burp cloths, as well as their wipes (listed for bathing). I also have a wipe box, wet bags, and pail liners as well as a hanging pail. For those wondering why I’m listing some essentials for other purposes, it’s very simple: my mother is firmly against cloth despite the advances made in recent years and thinks they’re a waste of time. I fully admit to being very deferential to my mother’s opinion when it comes to things, but I’ve stood my ground on my decision to diaper with cloth and the most likely way to get what I want is to list it for other uses. Since a wipe box and the wet bags/pail liners are things even my mother bought for her babies (ostensibly for spit-up clothing and for buying disposable wipes in bulk) I didn’t hide them as other items.

If this is a situation you find yourself in, I’m sure you get it.

Anyway, we’re off to the States for the summer in June which will be the best! Getting to go shopping past 8 PM and getting to eat from a plethora of choice is something I never thought was a luxury until I moved to Europe three years ago. I miss the sunlight too; living in the north of continental Europe means sunny days are few and far between. Even the most nationalistic and patriotic Belgian will admit our weather has too much rain and not enough sunlight. We had a blissful beginning to the week with four days of gorgeous sunny weather, but they’ll end tomorrow with warm rain. It’s quite okay though; we just tilled the garden Monday afternoon and the soil is beginning to look parched as we work on purchasing the weed screen that will hopefully keep the weeds down enough to be manageable while 5-9 months pregnant.

Aztec Black corn is going in the ground this year along with plenty of peas and beans and watermelons! I’m figuring out my garden after two years of struggling with understanding our climate and such, and I’ve come up with logical placements for various plants and even have room for plants I have never tried before. This year I should be able to grow both watermelons and pumpkins (on opposite sides of the garden!) and also get peppers and pickling cucumbers in the ground! I’m also able to get my dang tomatoes planted this year and we’re changing up the potato growing to utilize vertical solutions (which will hopefully mean greater yields in less space). In all I hope to accomplish more now than I was able to last year.

Anyway, I’m off to work on getting last week figured out and getting the sites updated! See you guys again soon!

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