Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Week ten! We’re WELL into the third month and coming up to the end of the first trimester. Morning sickness is but a distant memory (it began to taper off once we told my parents over Facetime at eight weeks and it fully stopped by the time we went to the OBGYN that weekend) and we’re in the thick of the mood swings and back pain. Honestly, this is nothing compared to the nausea I had earlier in the trimester, I’m a right beast when I’m nauseous and this is so much easier to deal with! My energy is still down but it’s supposed to pick back up in a couple weeks. I have a slight bump already and I have massive food cravings for fruit and Chick-Fil-A (which I have to make at home because they don’t have Chick-Fil-A in Belgium)!

I’m also going to be starting my second level Dutch speaking courses next week, which will wrap up on 15 June. I’m so happy that I passed and I don’t have to take the course over again! This crop of students did a great job and nearly all of us made it to level two. This time I’ll be the pregnant lady in the class, but luckily it wraps up way before I have to give birth.

The Honeybear and I are running into a little friction (which is NOT made better by my hormone-fueled mood swings) regarding certain things. It’s mostly having to do with me having a really strong nesting instinct and him really not feeling the reality of everything just yet. I’ve cleared the extra bedroom out, but we need to break down and get rid of the broken and useless bedframe and mattress we have in there and really clean it from floor to ceiling. For him it’s not something we need to worry about right now, but all I see is the next seven months ticking past super fast and us not getting anything done.

One good thing that we did agree to do is buy the diaper flats and get the mei tai carrier next month, since the flats don’t require knowing the sex and the carrier is black and white chevron which works for either sex anyway. It’s a small step, but once we get to 15-18 weeks and learn the sex we’re going to definitely need to kick into high gear and get the room ready for baby! He’s still not sold on my cloth diaper plan, mostly due to being grossed out by the thought of changing in general (get used to it sweetheart because you can’t escape it) and others’ preconceived notions and subsequent ignorance on the subject (which I think will change when I prove it’s not your grandmother’s diaper anymore).

I go in for my next appointment on 8 May (the day after my brother’s birthday and three days after mine) and we’ll get the NIPT test and initial blood screening done. We’ll also get our second ultrasound (called an echo in Belgium) to check if the baby is developing at the rate it’s supposed to. It should be at the right size for twelve weeks by then, and if not then either I’m earlier than we thought or the baby is developing too slow. I’m not worried, since I’m very healthy and we’ve been careful about avoiding risky behavior. But things are not easy here and the biggest thing I have to watch for is stressing myself out.

So from one cranky and sore pregnant lady to you, here’s hoping that all’s well and I’ll see you Friday with a little bit on line drying!

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