Expanding The Homestead

Well it’s happening! Today I’m announcing that we are officially pregnant! Blood tests came back and said that Thundercats are go!

A whole new stage of life is opening up to me and I honestly can’t be happier. So much hope and planning has gone into this, and I’ve always wanted to be a mother. My friends of course think I’m crazy, but most of them never considered children a priority (one has claimed she’s never having children at all) so they don’t really understand why I’m happy about it. I’ve gotten an outpouring of support from moms in my life though, so I have a lot of people I can talk to about it.

I finished this first level of courses for my language class and I’m waiting for the results of the exams. Near the end there I was more concerned with getting everything in order for the first few prenatal visits so I was a little distracted. I think I did okay though, and I’m happy I’m able to communicate better this time around!

Honeybear and I are having some disagreements, mostly over my wanting to cloth diaper. I’ve compromised by saying we will use disposables for the first month or so but he’s still worried about looking dumb to all our friends (who all use disposables). Since I’ve never cared what people think about what I do, it’s a non-issue for me. If he doesn’t like it, tough nuggets because I’m the one who stays home with them all day! It’s really the only big point of contention we have.

It does raise a more important issue though: will we allow other people’s ideas and thoughts to govern how we parent? There’s tons of pressure to fall in line with parenting. Anyone who does something different is often looked down on and made to feel like they are a bad parent for not doing what everyone wants them to. It can be hard to parent the way YOU see fit, the way that’s best for your particular family. It’ll be a challenge to see how my husband puts up with the peer pressure (which has never been an issue with me so I’m not too worried about myself).

As is, I’m doing the “unusual” thing and yes I get made fun of a little, but I’m comfortable knowing I’m being conscious of the new life growing inside of me. I avoid caffeine and alcohol and cigarette smoke (which is REALLY HARD to do in Europe) and I eat even cleaner than I normally do. And while my husband groans when I say “I can’t eat that” or something similar, I gently remind him that I’m not thinking just about myself anymore. So I’m slowly getting him to remember that our priorities have to shift now.

At least my mom is starting to get on board with some of the things she used to say I should never do if I wanted to avoid her disapproval! She’s always been strongly opinionated on certain things and for the most part I do agree with her on a lot of parenting ideas. We both agree that unscented products are best for babies (we have sensitive allergies in my family) and she’s not opposed to my wanting organic products for the baby. She’s changed her mind on the notions of homemade baby food (baby food is SO expensive here in Europe so a lot of people make their own) and baby carriers (it’s horrid trying to fly without a carrier) but I have yet to change her mind on cloth diapers. XD

Baby steps!!

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