Perfect Poached Eggs (Every Time!)

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Poached eggs are probably one of the hardest things for home cooks like me to make right in cooking. I completely avoided some egg recipes like Eggs Benedict for years because I had no clue how to make a poached egg like the kind you see in restaurants and cook books. WELL NO MORE.

I’ve discovered an easy way to ensure those picture-perfect poached eggs every single time. And you probably have everything you need already in your kitchen! No special tricks and tips, it’s so easy and fast you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. You need a frying pan, a small bowl, a REALLY fresh egg, a slotted spoon, and a little patience.

That’s it. Follow my steps and you will be churning out perfect poached eggs in no time.

  1. Put your pan on the burner and fill it with about an inch or two of water. This part isn’t really exact.
  2. Set the heat so the water is at a low simmer. You don’t want it to be at a boil, this part is very important to get pretty poached eggs!
  3. Crack the egg into the bowl. I actually use a teacup, but a small bowl works as well.
  4. Once your water is to temperature, gently slip your egg into the water. Allow it to cook on one side until it’s white all on the bottom and edges. Then flip it like you would a fried egg with your slotted spoon.
  5. At this point, turn up the heat to a low boil, to fully cook the white. After about three minutes, use your slotted spoon to lift the egg out and plate it.

A rolling boil will cause the white to cook in strings, ruining the look of your egg. By starting first on a low simmer then cooking fully at a boil once the egg white has solidified a bit and holds its shape, you prevent the stringy white that is the most common issue people have. Cooking in a pan also reduces this and allows you more control over the egg when cooking, meaning you can get that poached egg with the fully cooked white and runny yolk you crave! And unlike most tips and tricks, there’s no need to add anything to the water and you get all the pure flavor and healthiness of a poached egg.


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