Life Happens

Life happens. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it really kicks you in the head.

About four months ago life kicked us in the head; our dishwasher finally gave up on us and so we hand-washed everything. And that was okay with me, but dishwashers are very convenient and I was starting to appreciate what my appliances do for me.

But now we have a new one! It’s brand spanking new, and was given to us because our old one was within warranty and the company figured ours obviously had a fault with it or it wouldn’t have broken after only four years. They installed it last week and I’ve been so happy to have a working dishwasher again!

So today’s post isn’t really related to making things or cooking, but it’s instead a reminder to appreciate what you have. It brings up a wider message than “Tori is excited about having a working dishwasher again”. Appreciate the little things today, because¬†these are things you don’t realize you’ll miss when they suddenly go away.

As for me, I’ll be sure to take super good care of this dishwasher. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and using good quality products in your appliances keeps them like new for far longer. More importantly, remembering to follow the manufacturer’s instructions is super important! I’ll see y’all later, this girl’s got dishes to wash.

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