Old Homesteading Tricks: Citrus Saving

Homesteading: Citrus Spotlight

So before we left for the United States I was flipping through a scan of an old-timey almanac, when I came across an interesting little tidbit about storing citrus fruits like lemons and limes. It said (roughly translated), “to cold-store lemons and limes, place in a large jar and fill with water until it covers the top and they will last several months in your cold storage”.

Naturally, I had to see if that was true! Knowing I had a half-kilo each of limes and lemons left and we’d be leaving soon, I put them in separate French bail jars, filled with cool water, and I put them in the refrigerator. When we left everything seemed well, but the proof would be if they were still good by the time we got back.

Flash forward three weeks: we got back from our holiday vacation, and it was the end of my language course so I kind of let them just sit for a while. Last week I noticed the water was a bit cloudy and weird-looking, so I pulled out the lemons and limes and drained the water. Curious, I cut one open to see if it was okay.

Homesteading: Citrus Spotlight

Amazingly, they were! I ate one half and it tasted about the same as a fresh lemon would, with little flavor loss. There was no mold or rancidity either! Encouraged, I put them back in the rinsed jars and refilled the water, then put them back in the fridge. They’re still perfectly fine a week later, and I’m now confident that if I use them I won’t be making myself or the family sick.

So if you spend extra on organic limes and lemons (like me!) I highly encourage trying this trick out! Saved me a ton of money on organic lemons and limes! I’m nor sure how long exactly this trick works, but I can guarantee it definitely works for at least a full month.

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