We’re Home!

Well we got home Wednesday last week and we’re still in the process of getting settled again. The sourdough starter is out of the fridge (which allows it to live longer between feedings) and is being fed to help it recover from being dormant. We bought some things to help with baking and canning: a corn cob stripper, Ball pickling salt, and rolling pin bands in various widths. We also got the butters and oils for a few new releases in the shop and Davy got a milk frother for a project of his.

Supplies 11/01/2017

The chickens are thriving and we got an egg this morning from one of the Sex Link hens. This is a good sign, as it means soon we’ll be getting eggs much more regularly and the girls will be earning their keep. I’m excited for Marguerite the Copper Maran to begin giving us rich chocolate-colored eggs! Planting begins in two weeks (beginning with peppers) and we’re picking up peat pods Monday to start the seedlings in.

A new GCC review goes up either this week or the next! I won’t be including pictures of the packaging because they’re basically the same across the board, so it’s just reviewing the colors. I managed to snag the BOOP! special Black Friday gift so I’ll be swatching and reviewing that too. Maybe when I finally run out of my Tarte stuff I’ll just replace it with GCC stuff, I’ve gotten nothing but great results with their products.

So posts may be sporadic this week due to still having a huge mess from unpacking to deal with. It’s been considerably easier this trip because I was able to wash our clothes in castile soap instead of the Tide my mother uses and so didn’t need to wash the clothes and remove whatever it is that causes my husband to get a rash in Tide. As a result all the laundry has been kept up with and I actually can relax. The house is getting cleaned faster than expected and we’re actually managing really well right now.

Hopefully I will be updating on time! It’s time to clean up the living room so see y’all Wednesday!

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