Silver Star Holiday Ornaments

Silver Star Ornaments

These silver star ornaments are very similar to ornaments my mother and I made together when I was young. Homemade ornaments bring back great memories for me, and I love the silver tone of these contrasting with gold baubles and gold glitter ribbon on the tree. They match my silver star tree topper too! You don’t need many things to do this DIY but I do use silver decorative spray paint. I don’t suggest doing this indoors!

You need:

  • 2 kg (4.5 lbs) air-dry modeling clay
  • 15.5 cm (6 inch) star cookie cutter
  • drinking straw
  • rolling pin
  • newspaper or cardboard box
  • silver decorative spray paint
  • various color paint pens
  • white grosgrain ribbon

Roll the modeling clay out to 5mm (1/4 inch) on the counter using a rolling pin. using your cookie cutter, cut out as many stars as you possibly can until you cannot cut another from the clay available. Using a drinking straw, poke a hole at the top corner of the stars and let the stars dry out completely.

When the stars are dry, lay out newspaper or set up a cardboard box and place a few stars out. Spray a layer of silver paint on one side, then let dry. Once dry flip the stars and spray the other side. Let dry fully.

Using the paint pens, draw a variety of designs on the stars. Thread the grosgrain ribbon through the holes on the top and hang on the tree!

It’s a very easy project that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike! This amount of clay makes 16 stars, which is just enough to cover my two meter tree. If you need more then you can double or triple the amount of clay and make more. I love silver and gold decorations together on a tree and these are just stunning!

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