Holiday Dispatch from the Homestead

Holiday Updates

The holidays are upon us! St. Nicholas Day is tomorrow and I’ve stocked up on clementines and speculoos for the day. We bought our tree for the year and got it partially decorated. Wednesday you’ll see a tutorial on how to make silver clay star ornaments for the tree and Friday will be a heavenly-soft sourdough sandwich bread recipe. Meanwhile I’ll be shopping for some gold baubles, more clay, and some glue to finish up the tree!

The homestead is nearly done, just in time for the first frosts. We’ve pulled up and cleared all the stalks and debris from the garden this year and the birds have finished molting. Food has been restocked and put up, and it’s cookie baking season which means those will be posted through the month. We’ve got an Instagram story going on right now detailing specific decorations and what we like to do for the holiday, so check it out!

Speaking of what we do around the holidays, we’ve had to retire Davy’s parents’ old tree, hence the live tree this year. It’s a very old tree, and it’s too large for the space we have so we’re purchasing a new tree next year. Even though we aren’t home to enjoy the holiday, I love to decorate and make things beautiful to remind myself of Christmas past and eventually to give my children the same wonderful memories I had during this time.

So I put up with the setbacks and the replacing to relive the magic of the season. I love this time of year about as much as I love Halloween (and I freaking LOVE Halloween) so I get really into it. Prepare yourselves readers; December is all Christmas all the time here, so expect lots of holiday-themed DIY and some boss cookie recipes!



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