Cleaning Efficiently: Cleaning Tips I Learned From My Mama

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to cleaning, I’m not very efficient or focused. But after recently getting to the end of my wits about the housework, I turned to the experts.

And by the experts, I mean I asked my mama what to do.

My mama kept the house clean enough to eat off of when we were growing up. Everything was clean and had its place, nothing was messy or neglected. Baseboards to crown moulding, it all was thoroughly cleaned and  dusted.

How did she do it? Well mama says:

  1. Clean only one room at a time. Focusing on cleaning only one room makes the job seem more manageable, and allows you to retain your focus. It also allows you to properly clean, without worrying about how quickly you move from room to room.
  2. Clean starting in one corner, and clean your way out of the room. People tend to clean all over the room, which makes cleaning the room go by at a crawl. By cleaning in this way, you find that things get put right where they belong and in a timely way, so you’re not taking forever to get everything done.
  3. When cleaning, do one task at a time. Focusing your efforts on one single task allows you to clean efficiently, while also doing it properly. First clear surfaces and drawers, cabinets and shelves. Dust everything thoroughly, then sort out items and throw out broken, torn, or otherwise unwanted items. Then wipe each object and organize them back in or on where they belong. Wipe off the dust from the doors and baseboards, and wash your windows. Do each task in this order, because….
  4. You should dust from the top down, and then clean the floor. When dusting, dust and debris falls to the things below it. So it makes more sense to dust the top parts of the room like the fan and the uppermost shelves and cabinets, then dust below them until everything is fully dusted right? By the time you’re finished, the floor will be dirty and then you can simply sweep, mop, or vacuum away the dirt.
  5. Set up a schedule. Once your home is deep-cleaned, set up a daily schedule to keep up with the cleaning. For each day decide which room you will clean, and each day go in that room and put things away, toss out trash, and dust surfaces to keep it all looking clean. This allows you to avoid deep cleaning things every week and instead allows you to deep clean only every month or two while actually getting to enjoy your spaces.

Your home is your castle, and not all of us can afford a maid so keeping it clean is the best way to show pride in your home. Like the rest of you, I’m not great at keeping things clean (far from it!) but you and I both can keep on top of things using these tips from my mama.

Next week, I’m going to go over the things I use to clean with, and how to properly clean and care for items in your home. This will be a week-long post spree, so look out for it!


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