Homestead News

Things on the homestead are mildly crazy. Coreen has scaly leg mites, but she’s in recovery. The internet router conked out on us, so we got it replaced yesterday. I’m waiting on the dishwasher guy to come by and fix the heating element, while I go and wash every piece of clothing in the house. Coop and run are due for a mucking as we speak, and the girls are molting all over the place.

I spent most of today making over three liters of unscented liquid castile soap. The unintended side effect of lye-heavy soap turns out to be that when you add roughly two or three liters of warm water to a half kilo of soap and cook it, it becomes a gloriously concentrated gel. It’s much thicker in consistency than commercial liquid castile, more honey-like than watery. And if you get your ratio right, it can even turn out totally transparent. This batch didn’t turn out transparent but it is a lovely soap to use and very gentle on the skin.

The pumpkin vines have two decent-sized pumpkins on them! This is a real treat for me, because it’s my first year growing pumpkins and I was worried they’d not produce. The corn is pretty wimpy this year, and the beans weren’t worth a flip. Still, I at least can plan ahead for next year and get back to productivity. Weeds are an ever-increasing problem for us, so this planning period will involve some thought on reducing their ability to spread.

In all it’s another busy day. I’ll have one more post here and a post on the Hippie Stink blog in the next two days, so keep an eye out for that! For now, thanks for coming by and reading!


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