Professionally Clean Rings in Just 5 Minutes!


This method I saw on my Facebook feed, posted by either Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens. EITHER WAY, I had to try it for myself and share with you guys! I can no longer find the original video, but my method can be done with any version of one ingredient.

Some backstory: my mom once upon a time worked for a rather well-known jewelry retailer with a really catchy jingle that everyone born in the United States probably knows. Even she doesn’t know this trick, which is used by all the professional contractors who are called into jewelry stores around the United States to clean the repaired or refitted jewelry. It takes one ingredient that I’m sure everyone has in their cleaning closets, and i’m sharing the method with you!

The secret? Plain ol’ citrus all-purpose cleaner! Yup, Mr. Clean and his compadres Ecover and Ajax will clean your jewelry in only five minutes. I promise you, it gets rid of EVERYTHING: lotion residue, diaper cream, soap buildup from hand washing, dirt and grime of all kinds. You’ll be astounded by what comes off your rings and jewelry, and it’s amazing how much your gems sparkle afterward!

This is how it’s done:

  1. Fill a shot glass about halfway with cleaner. I used Ecover citrus, but any citrus cleaner works.
  2. Drop in your jewelry. I cleaned my wedding ring and a set of cubic zirconium earrings.
  3. Let it sit for five minutes. While it sits, the citrus cleaner will dissolve the gunk on your jewelry. I could see it floating out and dropping to the bottom or floating to the top of the glass!
  4. After five minutes, take a soft toothbrush and scrub your jewelry in every nook and cranny over or on top of a paper towel.
  5. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

My ring and earrings were practically new! They shone with a luster I had forgotten they had, buried under grime and gunk that plain soap and scrubbing could never get rid of. This is the method used by pro jewelry cleaners, and it’s safe for any gem and any metal! It’s why your repaired or cleaned jewelry comes back from the store sparkling and fabulous.

Embrace your bling and have a great day y’all! ☮


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