Summer Days and Autumn Nights


It’s just about time the -Ber months roll in. For me, that’s when autumn begins on the Homestead.Pumpkins are swelling on the vine and our corn has put out silk. The peas and beans have been harvested, the potatoes are nearly ready to dig, and we plant the radishes, carrots, and daikon that absolutely adore the cooler weather.

I rang in the new season with this lovely wreath DIY from Southern Living. I exchanged their green and burlap ribbon for a more seasonally-appropriate orange and yellow ribbon, and I went smaller to fit the modest size of my European apartment door. More corny fun will be had, as I still have nearly a pound of husks left from this DIY!

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year, and to celebrate I’m going to be doing some big things in the store! I’ll also be posting lots of fun fall-themed treats and decor ideas here for y’all to enjoy.  As for now, I’m off to work on stuff for Wednesday’s recipe post, so keep an eye out y’hear?

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